Families Matter to Moreland

Updated: Aug 11

Moreland is growing and so are the families of Moreland, with children residing in 36% of the 80,000 homes in our area.

I may not have children of my own but I am a beloved uncle - both biologically and honorarily-, who has been fortunate enough to support loved ones in their journeys from pregnancy to parenting. Families are important to me and they're important to Moreland.

If elected, I vow to be a strong advocate for equitable access to public spaces, which is particularly important with so many families living in the inner north. Moreland is continuing to grow, from people moving into our desirable suburbs, but also by families who newly formed and establishing themselves.

The South Ward has a large demographic of people moving from early adulthood into parenthood, and I would like people to be able to stay in Brunswick when they decide to make that next life step into parenthood. However, it should be an imperative issue, that Council retain more young families by providing the conditions in Brunswick (from East to West) that are conducive to living the family life;

  • Approving developments that allow for a growing family, that include a decent amount of natural light to all bedrooms and decent sized living areas – there should be enough housing, both affordable enough to buy and rentals, be able to have enough space to raise a family.

  • Public spaces that include playgrounds and safe play spaces for children – local parks and green spaces should be a great substitute to the proverbial 'Australian dream' of having a backyard.

  • Continuation of maternal and early childhood services – these are important to the health and development of children.

Providing people with suburbs in which they can raise children and remain connected to their community is important, no one should have to feel like they need to move away from Moreland when they want to start a family.

I will also support important early childhood experiences, such as playgroups & kindergartens and encourage the continuation of free programs across our area, such as Rhyme time, Toddler time and Story time sessions that are delivered in Italian, Greek and Urdu. These aren’t only enriching activities for children, they are important activities for parents to feel connected to others in their local community.

Supporting children means supporting the next generation of our community. By keeping our green spaces green, providing enriching opportunities for exploration and play in addition to supporting the valuable work of children's services staff from childcare workers to maternal and child health nurses, we can ensure the best possible outcomes for our local families.

Our community and our Council need to be inclusive of every single resident.... Even the littlest ones!


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